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Online Resources

Online Resources 

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AHRI System Selector

Johnstone’s AHRI System Selector allows you to easily identify and order AHRI Certified HVAC Systems that meet your rating requirements and your application needs. From match-up to order placement to printable AHRI certificates, the Johnstone Supply System Selector makes it easy.

Mini-Split Selector

The NEW Mini-Split Selector Tool allows you accurately and quickly identify the best system match ups for your needs. Mini-split systems are constantly evolving to meet consumer needs and regulatory requirements. Quickly identify systems that meet efficiency requirements, capacity needs or outdoor temperature constraints.

Johnstone Supply Mobile

Take us with you in more ways than ever, with our mobile-optimized website for all devices or now with the release of the Johnstone Supply Mobile App for Apple and Android. Visit iTunes¬†or¬†Google Play¬†to download at no charge. Now, with Mobile Scanning!¬†Our free, downloadable mobile app gives you even more ways to save time, with auto-login and Order Pad quick entries on top of all the other features you’ve come to appreciate. Enjoy real-time pricing and availability, a handy store locator, electronic tools of the trade, create saved lists and access to all your order history regardless of how the order was placed. And with Mobile Scanning, your time is even more productive.¬†



Trim unbillable service time with PartStock, Johnstone Supply’s app-based replenishment and inventory management service. PartStock is a mobile solution that facilitates replenishment of your van or stock room. By eliminating or reducing the non-billable steps of your current replenishment process, inventory costs decline, your profit grows and technicians become more productive.

Direct Connect

DirectConnect is an automated order-entry service that takes the downtime out of keeping your service vehicles stocked. With DirectConnect, you can automate the ordering process with Johnstone Supply by up to 50% faster, Shift employees into more revenue driving roles, not data entry people, Get your guys in the field on more calls a day, and more!


Johnstone and MobilCo have partnered up to provide the best consumer experience possible for our customers by making the ordering process as convenient and simple as possible. Through this service, you can text your local Johnstone to ask about your needs relating to pricing, purchasing, inventory, and more! Just text your local store’s phone number and be connected with a salesman to help your needs in an instant!